Time to Take a Career Check In

The end of the year can mean something different depending on what industry you work in. Maybe this is the time of year when you can finally take a break or perhaps things are just starting to pick up with December 31 deadlines. Meanwhile, everyone is starting to prepare for the various holidays and festivities that take place this time of year. That means making a lot of lists and checking them twice.

But aside from the menus, gift lists, and travel plans, the end of the year is a great time to check in with your career. We saved you some time (so you can get back to work – or holiday shopping) and made one to get you started:

How did your career progress?

  • Created relevant content in the form of a blog post or article (at least once per month)
  • Published my content across various platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter, my portfolio site
  • Made 5 new LinkedIn connections per month
  • Kept up with current industry events and shared my thoughts about them with colleagues, mentors, or Twitter (at least once a week)
  • Attended a networking event or conference each quarter
  • Evaluated my personal elevator pitch in the last six months
  • Took on a project outside the scope of my normal job description or joined a committee
  • Been mentioned in a business publication or news article
  • Received an award or nomination
  • Learned at least one new skill this year
  • Re-evaluated my career plan or goals
  • Checked in with my supervisor about my performance and goals every 6 months
  • Read at least one industry book
  • Read at least one general career book
  • Made sure I had the opportunity to present in front of an audience, whether within my company or externally
  • Met with a mentor on a regular basis
  • Found a great podcast to improve my morning commute

Hopefully you’ve been able to check off most of the items on your list and make some serious career progress this year. Whether you’re currently killing it or just getting started, this list can serve as a great guideline for how to improve your career next year.

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