Why You Need a Killer LinkedIn Profile

I know what you’re probably thinking: aren’t LinkedIn profiles for people who already have job experience? People who have important titles, big accomplishments, and fancy awards?

It’s not! You don’t need a fancy job title to have a killer LinkedIn profile. The experience you DO have is enough to get you noticed (and hired!) on LinkedIn. You just have to know how to show it.

Did you know that internships, volunteer experience, campus involvement, and community organizations can be features on your LinkedIn profile? You may not realize it, but you probably do have valuable experience to show off. That thesis paper you spent weeks researching and writing? That fundraiser where you coordinated volunteers, collaborated with campus administration, and ran a social media marketing campaign? Or how about the time you revamped the scheduling system for student workers during your campus library job? That’s allĀ experience! And showing it the right way on your LinkedIn profile is the key to making great professional connections and getting noticed by recruiters.

So what are you waiting for? Let us make a killer LinkedIn profile for you!


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